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随着现代生物学的快速发展,我们不难想象一旦先进的生物技术被应用于武器行当,整个世界将会遭受毁灭性的打击。比如,人们一旦被那些基因重组过的病毒或者细菌导致的疾病侵染,他们会很快死去。Human being’s nightmare-biology weapons.

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Human being’s nightmare-biology weapons


With the rapid development of modern biology, it is possible to imagine that once advanced biological technology has been applied to weapons, the whole world would suffer disastrous consequences. Many people would die soon after picking up ailments caused by genetically modified virus and bacteria, for instance。


Although a related treaty has been signed in 1972, prohibiting countries from making biology weapons, it’s not hard to imagine certain countries which would like to win a war easily are still conducting biology weapon consecutively, regardless of pacifists’ proposal and advocacy.



     As a student, I am very concerned about this issue since the international affairs are dense now. Therefore, whenever a war takes place, there is possibility that some immoral countries would put there weapons into practice.


Faced with this lethal hazard, I firmly reckon that our country should pay more attention to this issue. What I mean is not to advocate that we should conduct experiments to innovate biology weapons, but attach great significance to discovering methods to protect our citizens and army if the pernicious weapon is used in future war. It’s essential for us to test and prepare more vaccines against prevailing and usual pathogenic bacteria and virus.


 At the same time, the improving group of scientists who specialize in related field also serves as a linchpin. Only with much better preparation, both substantial and intellectual, can we win a war which involves biology weapons and compel the rebels to abide by the treaty announced in 1972.


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